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Recent Releases

John Tilbury Dirar Kalash John Lely Christian Wolff 'Seaside'

Canadian Composers Series

at103   d’incise - ‘Appalachian Anatolia’

A 40-minute work for solo modified guitar by the Swiss composer d’incise, exquisitely played by Chilean guitarist Cristian Alvear.

“A compelling work of astringent beauty.” - Nathan Thomas

Youtube extract

at104   Resonators

Music from the Czech Republic by Irene Kepl, George Cremaschi and Petr Vrba, documenting their 2015 project exploring resonant architectural spaces.

“Beautifully blurry bass drones and arcing lines of feedback….very recommended.” - Musique Machine

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Coming Soon

Canadian Concerts at Cafe Oto

Three evenings of music at Cafe Oto

with a strong Canadian flavour.

Wednesday 3rd May, 8pm

Linda Catlin Smith ‘Dirt Road’

played by Mira Benjamin & Simon Limbrick

+ Isaiah Ceccarelli & Katelyn Clark

Thursday 4th May, 8pm

Chiyoko Szlavnics ‘During a Lifetime’

+ Jürg Frey ‘Mémoire, Horizon’

played by Konus Quartett

+ solo piano works by Jürg Frey, Cassandra Miller,

Linda Catlin Smith and Marc Sabat

played by Philip Thomas

Friday 5th May, 8pm

Mira Benjamin, Bridget Carey and Anton Lukoszevieze

play string trios, duos and solos by

Marc Sabat, Martin Arnold & Linda Catlin Smith

More details and advance tickets here

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at107 Isaiah Ceccarelli  ‘Bow’

Seven chamber works by the Montreal-based composer, offering a mixture of textural, semi-improvised duos and three luminous compositions for string trio or quartet.

“I’m not worried about a process, or any kind of system; I just want the work  to be inherently musical.”

“A great discovery” Adrian Demoč

Youtube extract 1 - Dunstable    string trio

Youtube extract 2 - Sainte-Ursule   percussion & organetto

at106 Martin Arnold  ‘The Spit Veleta’

Three linked pieces, solos for violin and piano, plus a duo for the same instruments, by the Toronto-based composer who says that his work aspires to sound like “slow-motion dance music recorded underwater in a methadone clinic”.

Played by Philip Thomas and Mira Benjamin.

“The inscrutable beauty is a genuine wonder to behold”

Simon Cummings, 5:4

Youtube extract   

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+ receive the series book for free      special offer price £40

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June CD releases

A busy year continues with five exquisite new CDs due out on June 1st

at110x2   Ryoko Akama - ‘places and pages’

50 text scores actualised in Switzerland in June 2016 by Ryoko Akama, Cristian Alvear, Cyril Bondi, d’incise, Stefan Thut and Christian Müller. A double CD.

Youtube extract disc 1

Youtube extract disc 2

at111  Melaine Dalibert - ‘Ressac’

Two beautiful minimal works for solo piano, written and performed by the young French composer, who also played on Giuliano d’Angiolini’s wonderful ‘Cantilena’ CD.

Youtube extract

at112  ‘spinet and violin’

Christoph Schiller & Morgan Evans-Weiler

An extended improvisation recorded in October 2016 in Christoph Schiller’s workshop in Basel during Boston-based composer/violinist Morgan Evans-Weiler’s tour of Europe. Great music.

Youtube extract


We offer downloads of all our CDs as either lossless flac, or mp3-320 files. If you want downloads, please email info(at) and we will send you the music.

Files cost £5 per disc, or £10 for a double CD.

at113  Morton Feldman

‘Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello’

Feldman’s last work, a luxurious 75-minute bath of gently shifting patterns. Played by Mark Knoop, Aisha Orazbayeva, Bridget Carey and Anton Lukoszevieze

Youtube extract

at114  Antoine Beuger - ‘Ockeghem Octets’

And another chance to wallow in gentle aural excess. Antoine Beuger’s magnificent homage to Johannes Ockeghem, realised by a unique combination of instruments: Ryoko Akama (melodica), Seamus Cater (concertina), Kate Halsall (harmonium), Sarah Hughes (e-bow zither), Ecka Mordecai (cello), Harriet Richardson (flute), Leo Svirsky (accordion) and Kathryn Williams (alto flute)

Youtube extract

Special thanks to Andrew Lutz for permission to use reproductions of his paintings on the covers of the last three of these upcoming releases.


Out now - Skogen / Magnus Granberg re-pressing

at4771  Magnus Granberg & Skogen

Limited edition double CD re-pressing of the first two Skogen single discs, which have both sold out.

‘Ist gefallen in den Schnee’ (2010) and ‘Despairs Had Governed Me Too Long’ (2012) were both exceptionally well-received and won wide recognition for composer and ensemble leader Magnus Granberg. Re-pressed in a limited edition of 250

Youtube extract ‘Ist gefallen…’

Youtube extract ‘Despairs…’

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Special offer: 3 other CDs by Magnus Granberg and / or Skogen for £6 each click on disc covers for more details

at102   Giuliano d’Angiolini - ‘Cantilena’

Six chamber works by the Paris-based composer Giuliano d’Angiolini. A Guardian review described it as “sublime, poised music, full of open spaces”.

Youtube extract 1 - from ‘Aria del flauto eolico’

Youtube extract 2 - from ‘Finale’

at101   Dante Boon - ‘clarinet (and piano)’

Jürg Frey plays 3 clarinet works by Dante Boon, who accompanies him on piano on two of them.

Julien Heraud described it accurately as “music of absorbing, languourous beauty”

Youtube extract - from ‘3x’ (2011)

Youtube extract 2 - from ‘O’Hare’ (2014)

at100   ‘Seaside’  

John Tilbury | John Lely | Dirar Kalash

John Tilbury playing compositions by Christian Wolff and John Lely, plus improvising with Dirar Kalash on oud, and John Lely on electronics.

“Impeccable…Seaside is a great success” John Eyles

Youtube extract 1 - ‘Line with Accompaniment’

Youtube extract 2 - Biyar ‘Adas  (trio improvisation)

rows skuggorna och ljuset granberg how deep

Skogen & Anders Dahl - ‘Rows’    Magnus Granberg - ‘Would fall….’      Magnus Granberg - ‘How deep…’

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Highly acclaimed series focusing on experimental music in Canada, featuring music by five composers with strongly individual voices. The discs are published together with a 120-page book with new interviews with all the composers and an essay on experimental music in Canada by Nick Storring. Click on the cover for more details.

“Another Timbre really has outdone itself with this outstandingly impressive collection of discs.”  5:4 blog

“The release of this Canadian series will undoubtedly come to be viewed as a landmark event.” John Eyles, All About Jazz

Another Timbre Canadian Composers Series

£4 for the book, but free if you order 2 or more CDs in the Canadian series

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at105x2 Linda Catlin Smith - ‘Drifter’

A double CD of chamber music played by Quatuor Bozzini and Apartment House. Ten pieces running a delicate balance between outsider toughness and otherworldly beauty.

Drifter is impossible to fault; impeccable from first note to last.” John Eyles, All About Jazz  

Youtube extract 1 - Drifter   guitar & piano

Youtube extract 2 - Folkestone   string quartet

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at108 Chiyoko Szlavnics  ‘During a Lifetime’

Three works by the Berlin-based composer who uses drawings as the basis for her compositions: a saxophone quartet with sinewaves, a string trio, and a piece for eight instrumentalists + sinewaves.

Played by Konus Quartett and Apartment House.

“Ravishingly beautiful.”  Simon Cummings, 5:4

Youtube extract  

at109 Marc Sabat ‘Harmony’

Two string quartets and a duo for violin and cello, all exploring the soundworld of Just Intonation with a particular combination of rigour and lyricism.

Played by the Jack Quartet.

“A landscape of subtly or starkly different microtonal gradations”  Paul Griffiths, disgwylfa

Youtube extract 1 - Jean-Philippe Rameau

Youtube extract 2 - Euler Lattice Spirals Scenery

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