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Downloads at Bandcamp

Downloads of all Another Timbre CDs are available from Bandcamp here

Sale prices for older CDs

Now that we have released over 200 discs, we have reorganised our back catalogue, so that most CDs from at01 to at100 are on sale at half price. This applies to all our earlier releases except those which have been re-pressed.

We have divided our ‘catalogue’ pages into two halves:

The older discs (at01 to at100) are listed here

And newer CDs (at101 to at210) are here

£33 + £4 postage worldwide

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Youtube extracts:     Seven2    Eight    Thirteen

at178x4   John Cage  ‘Number Pieces’

In its second pressing, the 4-CD box set of Apartment House playing Cage’s number pieces was top of The Wire’s year list for modern composition, and also #4 in The Guardian’s best classical releases for 2021.

“Apartment House’s performances are wonderfully committed. Every note is there, you sense, for a reason, revealing the strange beauty in these works. The whole set is a revelation”.  (The Guardian)


Morton Feldman Piano box set

Morton Feldman Piano

at144x5    Morton Feldman Piano

Our best-selling release remains the 5-CD box set of Morton Feldman’s music for solo piano, wonderfully played by Philip Thomas. Philip’s interpretations of Feldman’s exquisite music received an overwhelming critical response.

Youtube extracts: Triadic Memories    Intermission 5                     Extensions 3     Music for the Lipton film

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£35 + £4 postage worldwide

John Cage Number Pieces Box Set

Cage Number Pieces

Recent Releases

Evan Johnson

at199  Evan Johnson - L’art de toucher

5 works from Evan Johnson’s unique, whispering soundworld. 3 pieces in the ‘L’art de toucher le clavecin’ series, with ‘thaes ofereode’ for cello and voice, and a trio ‘Plan and section of the same reservoir’.   

Youtube extract

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at202   Martin Iddon  ‘Naiads’

Apartment House perform a set of five subte, enigmatic chamber pieces by Martin Iddon. “The music seems to hover above the listener as though on the edge of silence”  Roz Milner

Youtube extract

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at194   Kory Reeder   ‘Codex Vivere’

A beautiful 72-minute piece, specially written for Apartment House by the young and highly-regarded Texas-based composer. Just listen to the extract.

Youtube extract

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at195   John Lely   ‘Meander Selection’

Recent chamber works by John Lely, whose music Apartment House have been playing for twenty years.  Four string quartets, two solo piano works, and one miniature for electronics played by the composer.

Youtube extract

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at196  Allison Cameron ‘Somatic Refrain’

Another of Canada’s determinedly individual composers. Four varied and unusual chamber works, three played by Apartment House and one by the Allison Cameron Band.

Youtube extract 1 (Apartment House)

Youtube extract 2 (Allison Cameron Band)

PayPal: Add Allison Cameron  Somatic Refrain to cart Cage Hymnkus Terry Riley

at193  John Tilbury plays Terry Riley

Archive recordings from 30+ years ago of John Tilbury playing Terry Riley’s two ‘Keyboard Studies’ and ‘Dorian Reeds’. Essential.

Youtube extract

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New Releases September 2023

Four albums, including new releases from two of our favourites, Catherine Lamb and Jürg Frey, plus music from two lesser-known, but also excellent composers who are new to the label:  Seamus Cater and Kristofer Svensson.

As usual there is a 5-for-the-price-of-4 offer on the new discs; just let us know which other single CD you want by email to info(at)anothertimbre(dot)com.

5-for-4 offer  (£40 for the 4 new discs + any other single CD)

And we have several older releases by Cat Lamb and Jürg Frey at sale prices till the end of October (see below).                                 

Recent CD Releases

Crane Natural World

at210     Laurence Crane  

            ‘Natural World’

Haunting, prize-winning work for voice, piano and electronics, written for, and performed by, Juliet Fraser and Mark Knoop. There’s a lovely review in The Guardian:  “A three-part reflection on the fragility of the world around us that never becomes preachy....It is wonderfully direct and touchingly beautiful.”  Unforgettable.

Youtube extracts

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at209    Magnus Granberg

        ‘Evening Star, Vesper Bell’

Apartment House again, and once more on brilliant form, working with Magnus Granberg for the first time to produce a gorgeously sensual performance of a 50-minute work written specially for them. Just great music.

Youtube extract

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at208   Adrián Demoč   ‘Neha’

Extremely well-received CD with two orchestral works by the Spanish-based Slovak composer.

‘Neha’ (Tenderness) is a wonderfully restrained work for large orchestra, while ‘Popínavá hudba’ is a more intimate piece following a simple but ever-shifting melodic line.

Youtube extract  ‘Popínavá hudba’

Pauline Oliveros

at207 Pauline Oliveros ‘Sound Pieces’

Apartment House realise six works by the pioneering US experimentalist. Five are text scores for open instrumentation, and the last - and longest by some way - is ‘Peace/Tree’, an extraordinary trio for piano, violin and cello.

Youtube extract 1  ‘Quintessential’

Youtube extract 2  ‘Peace / Tree’

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at215  Catherine Lamb  ‘parallaxis forma’

3 works by the Berlin-based US composer:

‘parallaxis forma’ for voice and ensemble

‘pulse/shade’ version for multi-tracked voice

‘color residua’ for voices and ensemble

Performed by Explore Ensemble, Exaudi Vocal Ensemble & Lotte Betts-Dean

Youtube extract  (parallaxis forma)

Bryn Harrison_Coiled Form

at201   Bryn Harrison  ‘A Coiled Form’

Meserising piece for solo violin, beautifully played  by Sarah Saviet. Music which circles and never rests, changing gradually, stretching out, and then looping back.

Youtube extract

CD copies sold out, but downloads here

at216  Seamus Cater

          ‘A History of Musical Pitch’

Three pieces by Amsterdam-based composer Seamus Cater, a subtle and loving ‘re-sounding’ of the work of the Victorian polymath Alexander J. Ellis, inventor of the musical cent and tireless measurer of the precise pitches of musical instruments.

Youtube extract

at218  Translucent Harmonies

The excellent  violin / viola duo andPlay play two very different approaches to Just Intonation:

Catherine Lamb -  ‘Prisma Interius VIII’ (Melodic Duo)

& Kristofer Svensson -  ‘Vid stenmuren blir tanken blomma’

Youtube extract 1 (Lamb)  

Youtube extract 2 (Svensson)

Performed by Explore Ensemble, Exaudi Vocal Ensemble & Lotte Betts-Dean

at217   Jürg Frey  ‘String Trio’

Apartment House with the first recording of Jürg Frey’s astonishingly beautiful String Trio.

Youtube extract

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CDs by Catherine Lamb & Jürg Frey at sale prices

Previous CD releases by Jürg Frey and Catherine Lamb at £6 for a single CD and £11 for a double. Click on the cover images for more information & extracts.

seamus cater frey grizzana Frey guitar Frey Gustave Roud Early to Late Viola Torros Lamb PointWave Frey Borderland Melodies frey piano

Jürg Frey           

‘Circles and Landscapes’           

Jürg Frey

‘Borderland Melodies’                       

Jürg Frey

‘Collection Gustave Roud’                       

Jürg Frey                


Jürg Frey & Magnus Granberg

‘Early to Late’               

Jürg Frey

‘guitarist, alone’                  

Catherine Lamb


Catherine Lamb & Johnny Chang ‘Viola Torros’                     

Anthony Pateras

at214  Anthony Pateras

‘A Dread of Voids’  and

‘’Patterned Language’

Two very fine recent compositions for different quintets by the Australian composer.

Youtube extracts

PayPal: Add Anthony Pateras to cart Ogawa Railton

at213  Michiko Ogawa & Lucy Railton

  ‘fragments of reincarnation’

Single-movement work for shō, organ and cello, exploring different tuning systems inherent in the instruments. Jointly composed and performed in Berlin by Michiko Ogawa and Lucy Railton.

Youtube extract

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at212x2   Morton Feldman

‘Violin and String Quartet’

Sublime two-hour chamber work, beautifully played by Apartment House.  Double CD with artworks by Anton Lukoszevieze.

Youtube extract

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at211  Sarah-Jane Summers

          ‘Echo Stane’

Nine solo pieces for Hardanger fiddle, composed and wonderfully performed by the Norway-based Scottish musician.

Youtube extract

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at203x2    Frank Denyer ‘Melodies’

In the 1970’s Frank Denyer’s ethno-musicological studies forced him to go back to basics and ask ‘what is a melody?’ and ‘what is a note?’  He answered these questions by composing 25 pieces, starting from single-note melodies, through 2, 3 or 4 note melodies, and ending with pieces with 14- and 15-notes.

With a 24-page booklet containing an essay by Frank about the project.

PayPal: Add Frank Denyer 'Melodies' to cart Voutchkova Davachi

at204  ‘Slow poem for Stiebler’

Biliana Voutchkova & Sarah Davachi

A duo for violin and reed organ extending a series of short gestures from Ernstalbrecht Stiebler’s composition ‘Für Biliana’ into slowly expanding harmonic suspensions, highlighting the simple beauty and fragility of the intervals and chords.

Youtube extract

CD copies sold out, but downloads here

Youtube extracts

at205  Marco Baldini  ‘Vesperi’

Seven compositions by Italian composer Marco Baldini; slow, compelling music for low strings and marimba. Three of the pieces are based on works by sixteenth century composers, while the others are original compositions which share a beautiful and foreboding aesthetic.

Youtube extract

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at206  Eden Lonsdale  

‘Clear and Hazy Moons’

Debut CD from a phenomenally talented young composer Three pieces played by Apartment House, and one by Rothko Ensemble.

Youtube extract 1 (Billowing)

Youtube extract 2 (Clear and Hazy Moons)

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at198    John Cage ‘Hymkus’

3 relatively late works: ‘Two’, the first of the number pieces, for flute and piano

‘Thoreau Drawings’, from the 70’s for

ensemble and field recording

‘Hymnkus’, from the year before Cage

embarked on the number pieces.

Youtube extract 1  (Hymnkus)

Youtube extract 2  (Two)

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at197    Tim Parkinson  ‘an album’

Long overdue release of chamber music by experimental composer Tim Parkinson. One piece for solo violin, two duos for violin & piano, a quintet and a septet.

Youtube extract 1  (violin & piano)

Youtube extract 2  (solo violin)

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Feldman & Frey concerts, November 10th & 30th

Friday 10th November

Feldman ‘Violin & String Quartet’

Thursday 30th November

Jürg Frey ‘String Trio’

+ Carolyn Chen

Apartment House

Music We’d Like To Hear

Apartment House are giving two really great concerts in London in November:

On Friday 10th November they’ll be playing Morton Feldman’s immense

Violin and String Quartet

Then on Thursday 30th November they are playing Jürg Frey’s ‘String Trio’ and ‘Toucher l’air’, along with Carolyn Chen’s ‘In 1839 it was considered elegant to take a tortoise out walking’

Not to be missed.

Huge thanks to Music We’d Like To Hear for organising the concerts.

More information from their website here

Tickets for the Feldman concert here

Tickets for the Frey & Chen concert here