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We offer downloads of all our CDs as either lossless flac, or mp3-320 files.

If you want downloads, please email info(at) and we will send you the music.

Files cost £6 per disc, or £11 for a double CD.

at124x2  John Cage - Two2

Philip Thomas and Mark Knoop’s realisation stretches this piece for two pianos to over two hours in length, finding new and unexpected resonances.

“An amazing, revelatory performance…..

A major achievement.”  Brian Olewnick

Youtube extract

at125  Magnus Granberg

‘Es schwindelt mir, es brennt mein Eingeweide’

An exquisite hour-long ensemble piece played by Magnus Granberg (piano)

Anna Lindal (baroque violin)

d’incise (vibraphone & electronics)

Cyril Bondi (percussion)

Anna-Kaisa Meklin (viola da gamba)

& Christoph Schiller (spinet)

Youtube extract

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at123   ‘tse’

Cyril Bondi (harmonium),

Pierre-Yves Martel (viola da gamba)

& Christoph Schiller (spinet)

Improvised, but on the basis of a pre-agreed sequence of pitches, allowing the musicians to explore melody in a way that is rare within improvisation.

Youtube extract

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CD Launch Concert with Viola Torros

On Friday 7th December there will be a special Music We’d Like To Hear concert in which Catherine Lamb and Johnny Chang will perform their own compositions alongside the exquisite music of Viola Torros, which will be presented in the UK for the first time. The concert will launch the new double CD on Another Timbre.

More details here  and Tickets here

at131x2  Viola Torros    

Double CD featuring two pieces by           

Viola Torros                  youtube extract      

and ensemble works by                            

Catherine Lamb           youtube extract

and Johnny Chang      youtube extract              

at133  Mark R Taylor    

‘Aftermaths’  Ten works for solo piano      

played by Teodora Stepančić                           

Youtube extract                                               


at132   Ferran Fages

‘Un lloc entre dos records’

Solo composition for guitar and sinewaves

youtube extract


at134  ‘lines and tracings’

Works for ensemble by

Morgan Evans-Weiler   youtube extract

and Michael Pisaro     youtube extract


New CD releases, November 2018 + offers


Recent releases - The Canadian Composers Series

Another Timbre Canadian Composers Series

The series of ten portrait CDs featuring music by composers living in or coming from Canada was completed in August 2018. A beautifully illustrated 120-page booklet accompanies the series and is free to anyone buying two or more of the CDs in the series.

For more information, click on the cover opposite.

The Canadian series has been exceptionally well-received, with numerous excellent reviews.  

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And finally…..

Other Recent Releases

O Zomer Alex Jang Lance Austin Olsen Miller Just So Wanderer

Special Offers - till the end of 2018

Offer #1 - all four new releases for £40 including postage to anywhere in the world       

Offer #2 - buy any of the new CDs and get any or all of the following discs by musicians involved in the new discs at half price (£4.50)

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at54r Catherine Lamb ‘3 bodies moving’

CDR release of a wonderful composition from 2010 for bass clarinet, violin and cello.

“Beautiful work”  Brian Olewnick, Just Outside

“A little gem out of nowhere” Richard Pinnell,

The Watchful Ear

“Music to change with and within” Julian Cowley, The Wire

Youtube extract

Sabat Harmony During a Lifetime Bow Spit Veleta Drifter

at98  Johnny Chang & Mike Majkowski

       ‘illogical harmonies’

Stunning and highly acclaimed duo for violin and double bass.

“Beautiful details of refined ornamentation and subtle relief”  Ben Harper

“A great disc”  Julien Heraud

Youtube extract

at65r   Ferran Fages - ‘Radi d’Or’

Another wonderful CDR release, a composition for 5 players by Ferran Fages.

“In terms of sheer beauty of sound and unity of pupose, this is one of the best releases in Another Timbre’s catalogue”  Marc Medwin

Youtube extract

at112   ‘spinet and violin’

Morgan Evans-Weiler & Christoph Schiller

Gorgeous music for spinet and violin

“I haven’t heard many pieces this year composed as well as this improvisation” Ben Harper

Youtube extract

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Offer price £4.50 with any new CD

Offer price £4.50 with any new CD

Offer price £4.50 with any new CD

Offer price £4.50 with any new CD

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Special Offer

Buy all 10 Canadian Series CD’s + the series booklet for only £66

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Some  comments from critics:

“Wondrous to experience….yet another fine entrant in this series.”  

“Strange but profoundly haunting…totally beguiling.”

“A tremendously eerie effect, pardoxically becoming more atmospheric as the silence intrudes more and more..”

“One of my favourite pieces of music heard over the past several years…Just a phenomenal recording.”

For more information and reviews go here

Congratulations to Frank Denyer, who was just won a Paul Hamlyn composer award. His music is unorthodox and genuinely unique, often involving the building of new instruments.

Another Timbre has released two CDs of Frank’s music - one with compositions for shakuhachi, and one of recent chamber pieces (see below). Two more CDs are planned for release in 2019.

frank denyer shakuhachi music

       Youtube extract                              Youtube extract

     Music for shakuhachi                              Whispers

at130  Linda Catlin Smith - ‘Wanderer’

Apartment House perform eight ensemble works by the Toronto-based composer. Described in The Guardian as “quietly unassuming and entrancingly beautiful Feldman-esque music”

Extract 1 (‘Light and Water’)

Extract 2 (‘Stare at the River’)

at126  Cassandra Miller - ‘O Zomer!’

Two solo works, and two pieces for ensemble

‘O Zomer!’  Apartment House,

‘Philip the Wanderer’  Philip Thomas

‘For Mira’  Mira Benjamin

‘Duet for Cello and Orchestra’  Charles Curtis

& BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

“Strange but profoundly haunting music”,

Andrew Clements in The Guardian

Extract (Duet for Cello and Orchestra)

at127 Alex Jang -  ‘momentary encounters’

Four pieces, two solos and two for small ensemble, played by Apartment House

momentary encounters 5’  Heather Roche

‘any three players’

‘a gray bent interior horizon’  Cristian Alvear

‘distributed tourism’

“A fantastic CD” Dirk Serries

outube extract (distributed tourism)

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at128 Lance Austin Olsen ‘Dark Heart’

Sonic collaborations, using graphic scores, instruments, field recordings and found audio. With Terje Paulsen, Gil Sanson, Ryoko Akama, Isaiah Ceccarelli, Katelyn Clark, Mira Benjamin, John Lely and Anton Lukoszevieze

“The big new discovery in this set of discs”

Ben Harper

Extract (‘A Meditation on the History of Painting’)

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at129  Cassandra Miller - ‘Just So’

Quatuor Bozzini play four string quartets by Cassandra Miller: ‘Just So’, ‘Warblework’, ‘Leaving’ and ‘About Bach’

“Sumptuous music….an excellent disc”,

Marc Medwin in Dusted

Extract  (About Bach)

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at105x2  Linda Catlin Smith - ‘Drifter’

Ten chamber works played by Quatuour Bozzini and Apartment House.

“Consummate performances….a musical language that seamlessly mines the overlay of strident abstraction and lush lyricism”   Michael Rosenstein, Dusted

Youtube extract 1      Youtube extract 2

at106  Martin Arnold - ‘The Spit Veleta’

Two solo works for piano and violin, and one violin and piano duo. Played by Mira Benjamin and Philip Thomas.

“The Spit Veleta comes alive in the silvery tonal purity and exquisite subtlety of phrasing.”  Raul da Gama

“There’s a beautiful poignancy and melancoly in these pieces” Ben Harper

Youtube extract

at107  Isaiah Ceccarelli - ‘Bow’

Seven beautiful chamber works.

“evokes images of an unromanticised and powerful Canadian landscape”    Nolan Sprangers

“Entirely individual”  Simon Cummings

Youtube extract 1           Youtube extract 2

at108  Chiyoko Szlavnics - ‘During a Lifetime’

Three pieces played by Apartment House and the Konus Quartett.

“Breathtaking and ravishingly beautiful”  

Simon Cummings

“Simply mesmerising”  John Eyles

Youtube extract

at109  Marc Sabat - ‘Harmony’

String quartets played by The Jack Quartet

“The pieces express for themselves an intense calm and resilient rightness.” Paul Griffiths

“Excellent…melancholic with something akin to Dowland lurking beneath the surface. ”  Simon Cummings

Youtube extract 1        Youtube extract 2

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