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Downloads of all Another Timbre CDs are available from Bandcamp here

Georgia Rodgers Feldman PSQ Andrew McIntosh

Recent Releases

Barbara Monk Feldman Linda Smith Ballad Oliver Leith Hollywood James Weeks Summer

at177   Barbara Monk Feldman - ‘Verses’

Five beautiful chamber works by Barbara Monk Feldman, played by the GBSR Duo and Mira Benjamin

Youtube extract 1  ‘The Northern Shore’

Youtube extract 2  ‘The I and Thou’

at176   Linda Catlin Smith  ‘Ballad’

A new CD from Linda Catlin Smith, with two wonderful works for cello and piano, played by Kerry Yong and Anton Lukoszevieze from Apartment House

Youtube extract

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at175   Oliver Leith ‘Me Hollywood’

Following the success of his recent CD ‘good day good day bad day bad day’, more music from Oliver Leith. This time five chamber works, played by Explore Ensemble on their debut CD release

Youtube extract 1  ‘Balloon’

Youtube extract 2  ‘Me Hollywood’

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at174   James Weeks ‘Summer’

Explore Ensemble again, performing five beautiful chamber pieces by Durham-based composer James Weeks

Youtube extract 1 ‘Summer’

Youtube extract 2 ‘Düsseldorf’

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CD Releases, November 2021

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Youtube extracts:     Seven2     Eight    Thirteen

Sales to EU countries

New customs regulations are being enforced in some EU countries, meanng that some CD orders from the UK are incurring extra charges.  The majority of our packets are getting through ok without extra customs charges, but this isn’t guaranteed. If you live in the European Union and are worried about possible customs charges, you can avoid them by ordering our CDs from our European distributor Soundohm, who stock most of our discs.

You can order our CDs from Soundohm’s website here

at183  Andrew McIntosh

‘A moonbeam is just a filtered sunbeam’

Wonderful and haunting extended solo piece by the California-based composer and instrumentalist Andrew McIntosh, combining field recordings with violin, viola, piano and other sounds.

Youtube extract

at182  Morton Feldman

‘Piano and String Quartet’

Apartment House once more, here with their exceptional interpretation of Feldman’s celebrated late work. 80 minutes of extraordinary beauty.

Youtube extract

at181   Georgia Rodgers - ‘September’

More from Apartment House, playing chamber works by the young UK-based composer Georgia Rodgers, plus a brand new piece for piano and electronics played by Zubin Kanga.

Youtube extract 1

Youtube extract 2

Youtube extract 3

at180  Ryoko Akama - songs for a shed

A series of six pieces for piano and instruments, commissioned by Philip Thomas and Another Timbre, and composed for Apartment House, whose realisations are typically exquisite. With Siwan Rhys on piano.

Youtube extract 1

Youtube extract 2

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at179   Martin Iddon - ‘Sapindales’

Four clarinet-based works, beautifully played by Heather Roche, with contributions from Juliet Fraser, Anton Lukoszevieze and James Opstad.  Intricate music with delicate interweaving lines. The title piece combines field recordings made by the composer with wonderful multi-tracked clarinets.

Youtube extract

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February releases

One of the good things about having a successful release like the John Cage Number Pieces box set is that it enables us to focus on the work of lesser-known composers, whose work may be less celebrated, but is just as worthy of attention. Five CDs by composers, none of whom are stars, but whose music is beautiful and should be better known.

John Cage Number Pieces Box Set

Morton Feldman Piano box set

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at144x5    Morton Feldman Piano

And finally our best-selling release ever, the beautiful  5-CD box set with Philip Thomas playing Morton Feldman’s music for solo piano.

Wonderful interpretations that have received an overwhelming critical response.

Youtube extracts: Triadic Memories     

                        Intermission 5                          Extensions 3        

                        Music for the Lipton film

Recommendations from the catalogue

We’re sometimes asked to recommend discs from the back catalogue.

As the February releases focus on little-known composers, here are four CDs we have released by other musicians who are not very famous but which we think are well worth your time

Finally, discs which are selling out

We are running low on CD copies of several of our releases. There are ten or less copies of the following four (click on the covers for more information):

cage two2 Cartridge Music OliverLeith d'Angiolini - Antifona heartland Iteration granberg how deep appalachian anatoila Capece Awareness about electricals Adrian Democ Ryoko Akama Kieslowski Falzone / Evans-Weiler Alex Jang Pozzer Josten Myburgh

at185   Mark Ellestad

3 pieces by the little-known Canadian composer Mark Ellestad, a contemporary of Martin Arnold and Linda Catlin Smith, but who stopped composing in the mid-90’s. His unique and beautiful music is now being rediscovered, with new interpretations by Apartment House and guitarist Cristian Alvear.

at184    Kunsu Shim

Kunsu Shim is a Korean composer living in Germany. His soft, whispering music has quietly built up a devoted following. ‘LUFT.INNERES’ contains four chamber works for strings, wonderfully played by the Luna Quartet, along with 6 short pieces written for Kunsu by composer friends.

at187   Eva-Maria Houben

Eva-Maria Houben joins forces here with the much-praised GBSR duo (Siwan Rhys and George Barton) to produce a brooding and compelling 67-minute piece for pipe organ, piano and percussion. Recorded at the recent Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in November 2021.

at188   Magnus Granberg

No stranger to Another Timbre, Magnus Granberg and his group Skogen continue to produce distinctive, haunting music of the highest quality. ‘How Lonely Sits the City?’ was recorded during the Covid pandemic last year, and its mood of fragile, anxious melancholy is a fitting testament to that strange and worrying year.

at186   Gabriel Paiuk

An Argentine composer, now living in Europe, Gabriel Paiuk writes music that creates its own strange soundworld in an uncanny and disconcerting way. The title of the first piece, ‘The Construction of an Imaginary Acoustic Space’, speaks for all 4 works on the CD. A distinctive and individual voice in today’s music.

£33 + £3 postage worldwide

£32 + £3 postage worldwide

at178x4   John Cage  ‘Number Pieces’

Top of The Wire’s year list for modern composition, the 4-CD box set of Apartment House playing Cage’s Number Pieces was also #4 in The Guardian’s best classical releases for 2021.

Exquisite music, fantastically played.  “Apartment House’s performances are wonderfully committed - every note is there, you sense, for a reason - and reveal the strange beauty in these works….The whole set is a revelation”.


    John Cage                John Cage                 Oliver Leith          Giuliano d’Angiolini

      ‘Two2’                 ‘Cartridge Music’       ‘good day, bad day’         ‘Antifona’

And less than 30 copies remaining of the CDs below:

    Magda Mayas                     EKG               Adrian Demoç           Ryoko Akama

     ‘Heartland’                   ‘Electricals’               ‘Ziadba’               ‘Dial 45-21-95’                  

Magnus Granberg            d’incise             Capece / Dafeldecker    Lucio Capece

‘How Deep….?’       ‘Appallachian Anatolia’      ‘Iteration’           ‘awareness about’

at152x2   JPA Falzone &

            Morgan Evans-Weiler

Exquisite double CD of pieces for violin and piano/vibraphone.  One disc composed by each of the players - both are just fantastic.

Youtube extract 1 (Evans-Weiler)

Youtube extract 2 (Falzone)

at171  Josten Myburgh

        ‘Sculthorpe Studies’

Breathtaking music combining field recordings from Western Australia with gentle tones from a six-piece ensemble led by the composer.

Youtube extract

at141   Federico Pozzer


Three compositions by the young Italian composer using breathing patterns to determine when the musicians should play.

Beautiful pieces.

Youtube extract

at127    Alex Jang

  ‘momentary encounters’

Apartment House play four pieces by the young Canadian composer whose music is equally delicate, mysterious and unexpected.

Highly recommended

youtube extract

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