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New Releases 2021

Downloads at Bandcamp

Downloads of all Another Timbre CDs are available from Bandcamp here

Five new CDs which should help you forget the worst of the pandemic. Until the end of March, all 5 new discs can be bought together at a sale price of £40 including postage worldwide.

Morton Feldman Piano box set

The Morton Feldman Piano 5-CD box set, released in September 2019, is our best-selling release and is already well into its second pressing. It has had a string of superlative reviews.

“Everything about this six-hour, five-disc box set radiates the care, attention-to-detail and , yes, love that has been invested in producing it….absolutely essential.  Forget about albums-of-the-week, end of year lists and so forth; Morton Feldman Piano seems destined to be played, discussed and cherished for many years to come. A historic five-star release.”  John Eyles

“Throughout you’re aware of how thoroughly Thomas grasps the architecture of the music, and how deeply this sensitivity is grounded inside an intimate communion with the resonant swells and overtones of Feldman. Again and again I was reminded of Bach playing of the highest order as Thomas’s crystalline clear orientation around line makes the motility between contrapuntal lines dance internally.”  Philip Clark, The Wire

Morton Feldman Piano

£35 + £3 post


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Listen to extracts:  

Triadic Memories

Intermission 5       

Extensions 3       

Music for the Lipton film

Philip Thomas has been performing Feldman for 25 years, and the box set contains a 52-page booklet in which Philip writes about playing Feldman’s music. You can read the booklet here.

at168   Antoine Beuger

          ‘jankélévitch sextets’

Apartment House’s magnificient realisation of Beuger’s 2004 composition for six musicians.

Simply exquisite.

Youtube extract

Recent Releases, November 2020

Democ-Hlaholika Michael Winter Josten Myburgh Jim O'Rourke Cat Lamb - Muto

at169    Adrián Demoč   ‘Hlaholika’

Chamber works by the Slovak composer Adrián Demoč, whose previous CD ‘Ziadba’ was extremely well-received. Apartment House again on three of the tracks, with one piece played by a Czech ensemble. The title track is the third of Another Timbre’s quarantine commissions.  Stunningly beautiful music.

Youtube extract 1

Youtube extract 2

at172      Jim O’Rourke

              ‘Best that you do this for me’

A 50-minute composition for string trio by the Japan-based musicial pioneer and experimentalist. Commissioned by Anton Lukoszevieze of Apartment House, who perform it beautifully.

Youtube extract  

at173   Catherine Lamb - Muto Infinitas

An extended duo for double bass and quartertone bass flute by Catherine Lamb, another US-born composer now resident in Berlin, whose previous discs include ‘Point-Wave’ and the Viola Torros double CD with Johnny Chang.

Exquisitely played by Rebecca Lane and Jon Heilbron.

Youtube extract

at171 Josten Myburgh  ‘Sculthorpe Studies’

Wonderful engaged and engaging music by the young Western Australian composer Josten Myburgh. ‘Sculthorpe Studies’ combines harmonies taken from the work of fellow Australian composer Peter Sculthorpe with field recordings in which birds become an additional instrument.

Youtube extract

at170    Michael Winter  ‘single track’

An extraordinary 7-part canon, which starts fast and gradually slows down across its 45 minute duration. Composed by the Berlin-based US composer Michael Winter, and performed by the leading Mexican new music ensemble Liminar.

Youtube extract

All 5 new CDs for £40

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at164    Maya Verlaak

‘All English Music is Greensleeves’

Three ensemble works by the young Belgian composer, performed by Apartment House, plus two solo works played by Sarah Saviet & Mark Knoop

Youtube extract 1      Youtube extract 2


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at165    Judith Hamann  ‘days collapse’

The second of Another Timbre’s quarantine commissions, hauntingly beautiful music produced in lockdown on an island in Finland by Judith Hamann - for cello, electronics & voice

Youtube extract

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at166   Martin Arnold - ‘Stain Ballads’

Four totally individual chamber works by the Canadian composer, played by Apartment House. “Lyrical, endlessly meandering melodies….all the music I write is in some sense dance music”

Youtube extract 1      Youtube extract 2

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at167   Newton Armstrong

          ‘The way to go out’

Three shimmering, mesmerising pieces by the UK-based Australian composer, performed by Plus Minus Ensemble & Séverine Ballon.

A wonderful, rich and elusive soundworld.

Youtube extract 1      Youtube extract 2

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Other Recent Releases


at163     Eventless Plot   -   ‘Parallel Words’

Three chamber pieces by the Thessaloniki-based ensemble.

“A mercurial intelligence that is both human yet beyond individual subjectivity, quietly confounding expectations as each turn creates a new hybrid of sound.”      Ben Harper

Youtube extract

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at162  ‘Iteration’  

Lucio Capece & Werner Dafeldecker

Two improvisations by two of the most respected Berlin-based musicians.

“Wonderfully controlled soundwork by two masters of the experimental music”  Marcus O’Reilly

Youtube extract

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at161 Oliver Leith  

‘good day good day bad day bad day’

“New music does not get more lovable….it’s a piece you want to hug. A sweet-hearted hypnagogic gem.”   Igor Toronyi-Lalic

Youtube extracts

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at160   Kraig Grady   ‘Monumnt of Diamonds’

Epic microtonal work for trumpets, saxophones,

trombones and organ by Australian-based

composer Kraig Grady.

“Ethereal harmonies rub together like raw silk”  Greg Burk

Youtube extract

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at159   Clara de Asís & Mara Winter

        ‘Repetition of the same dream’

Five pieces developed during lockdown in Basel,

the first of our quarantine commissions.

“Music of extremely reduced means, but of

astonishing power”    Marcus O’Reilly

Youtube extracts

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at154 ‘unfurling’    Angharad Davies /   Klaus Lang  /     Anton Lukoszevieze

A stunning new piece jointly composed and played by the three musicians in March 2020.

“Incredibly beautiful”  BBC Radio 3

Youtube extract

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at155  Ernstalbrecht Stiebler -

‘Fűr Biliana’

4 chamber works for strings, performed by Biliana Voutchkova, with Michael Rauter and Nurit Stark.

“Exquisitely shifting harmonic shadows…..Superb.”

Peter Margasak

Youtube extract 1   Youtube extract 2

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at156   Magnus Granberg & Skogen

    ‘Let Pass My Weary Guiltless Ghost’

Another exquisite piece by Skogen

“Its beauty is not to be missed.” John Eyles

“Fine work….a marvelous piece.”  Brian Olewnick

Youtube extract

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at157   Giuliano d’Angiolini  ‘Antifona’

Four beautiful new chamber works.

“D’Angiolini’s music sings…resonant waves in an acquatic transparency and soft voluptuousness” Michele’ Tosi

Youtube extract 1    

Youtube extract 2

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Upcoming Releases May 2021

at177   Barbara Monk Feldman - ‘Verses’

Five chamber works by Canadian composer Barbara Monk Feldman, played by the GBSR Duo and Mira Benjamin

Youtube extract 1  ‘The Northern Shore’

Youtube extract 2  ‘The I and Thou’

at176   Linda Catlin Smith  ‘Ballad’

More from Canada and more from Linda Catlin Smith: two wonderful  works for cello and piano, played by Anton Lukoszevieze and Kerry Yong

Youtube extract

at175   Oliver Leith ‘Me Hollywood’

Following the success of his recent CD ‘good day good day bad day bad day’, more music from Oliver Leith. This time five chamber works, played by Explore Ensemble

Youtube extract 1  ‘Balloon’

Youtube extract 2  ‘Me Hollywood’

at174   James Weeks ‘Summer’

Explore Ensemble again, performing five beautiful chamber pieces by James Weeks

Youtube extract 1 ‘Summer’

Youtube extract 2 ‘Düsseldorf’