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New CD’s June 2016 - ‘Violin+1’ series

A themed batch of new discs for the summer, and one of which we’re particularly proud. Four CDs with music for violin + one other instrument, each disc very different from the others, but heard together they offer an excellent representation of the current range and focus of the label as it approaches its one hundredth release.

In that context it is fitting that one of the new discs, at99, harks right back to the first batch of Another Timbre CDs. In November 2007 we released Endspace by the then little-known duo of Angharad Davies and Tisha Mukarji. Now we are releasing another disc by the same duo - Ffansïon | Fancies, providing a fascinating contrast with their earlier CD. John Eyles, who has already reviewed all four discs here, writes: “This album is as good as anything the two have done together or separately. An album to return to time after time, year after year.”

Until the end of June you can buy Endspace at sale price (see below), as well as earlier discs by Bryn Harrison and Johnny Chang/Mike Majkowski, who have produced beautiful new pieces as part of the Violin+1 series.

The other CD in the series looks forward to future releases. The Canadian composer, Linda Catlin Smith, appears on Another Timbre for the first time with her extraordinary 68-minute work for violin and percussion, Dirt Road. John Eyles writes: “unreservedly recommended…(and) the good news is that Another Timbre is already planning another release featuring Linda Catlin Smith.”  In late 2016 and early 2017 we will present a big series of discs by Canadian composers, all of whom are producing excellent, individual music, but none of whom are widely known. It seems that Canada is one of experimental music’s best kept secrets, but we hope the Canadian Composers series will change that. More details soon, but in the mean time there’s plenty of good music to enjoy in the ‘Violin + 1’ series.

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We offer downloads of all our CDs as either lossless flac, or mp3-320 files.

If you want downloads, please email info(at) and we will send you the music. Files cost £5 per disc, or £10 for a double CD.

Capece Awareness about Goldsmiths Frey guitar marek poliks
illogical harmonies harrison rtam

at99  Angharad Davies & Tisha Mukarji -

       ‘ffansïon | fancies’

A varied set of pieces by two of our favourite improvisers: Angharad Davies on violin and Tisha Mukarji on piano.

Wonderfully inventive music, at once raw and tender.

Youtube extract

at96   Bryn Harrison  

        ‘Receiving the Approaching Memory’

Bryn Harrison’s extraordinary, mesmerising composition for violin and piano was highly acclaimed when it was premiered in 2014. Aisha Orazbayeva (violin) and Mark Knoop (piano) find their way through the labyrinthine score with amazing virtuosity.

Youtube extract

at97  Linda Catlin Smith - ‘Dirt Road’

A fantastic and innovative work from 2006 for violin and percussion by Canadian composer Linda Catlin Smith. The piece lasts over an hour and is in 15 movements which can be played in any order. Realised by Mira Benjamin (violin) and Simon Limbrick (percussion).

Youtube extract

at98  ‘Volume’ by illogical harmonies -

        Johnny Chang & Mike Majkowski

An extended work, jointly composed over a long period of experimentation by two of Berlin’s leading musicians, both members of Konzert Minimal. Restrained lyrical beauty.

Youtube extract

at95  Marek Poliks - ‘hull treader’

Two powerful compositions from 2014 by the young American composer Marek Poliks, one performed by Distractfold, and one by the John Pickford Richards / Beth Weisser duo on violas and electronics.

Youtube extract 1 - hull not continent

Youtube extract 2 - treader always in station

at94x2  Jürg Frey - guitarist, alone

A double CD containing Jürg Frey’s complete works for solo guitar played by Chilean guitarist Cristián Alvear, including the title work specially written for Cristián.

Youtube extract 1 - from ‘50 Sächelchen’

Youtube extract 2 - from ‘guitarist,alone’

at93  Lucio Capece - Awareness about

Four compositions by Berlin-based instrumentalist Lucio Capece, exploring sound through a focus on the processes of listening. Two are solo works, one an ensemble piece played by Konzert Minimal, and the last is the live recording of a concert in France when Lucio used loudspeakers hanging from helium balloons moving around the performance space.

Youtube extract

at92  Goldsmiths

An extended group improvisation and compositions by Sarah Hughes, John Lely and Jurg Frey, played by:

Angharad Davies (violin), Rhodri Davies (electric harp),

Michael Duch (double bass), Lina Lapelyte (violin),

John Lely (objects & electronics) & John Tilbury (piano)

Youtube extract 1 - Sarah Hughes

Youtube extract 2 - improvisation

endspace Vessels

Special offers, June 2016:

at05  Angharad Davies & Tisha Mukarji


The first release by the duo from 2007, described by Richard Pinnell as “quite stunningly gorgeous”.

Youtube extract

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at69   Bryn Harrison - Vessels

Bryn Harrison’s epic solo piano work from 2013,

played by Philip Thomas

“Where the trajectories of some minimal works provide lulling stability, Vessels seems to seep in many simultaneous directions, engendering, instead, a heightened awareness of one’s own bewilderment.”  Nick Storring, Musicworks

Youtube extract

at77   Antoine Beuger - ‘tschirtner tunings for 12’

Played by Konzert Minimal (including Johnny Chang &

Mike Majkowski)

“Another beautiful offering from Beuger, lovingly realised by Konzert Minimal”  Brian Olewnick

Youtube extract

Offer price £5

Offer price £5

Offer price £5

frey piano Filip Kaplan tocando fondo Joseph Kudirka - beauty and industry

at91   Jürg Frey  - Circles and Landscapes

Six pieces for solo piano, beautifully played by Philip Thomas.  

“The mercurial pacing of sound and silence is fully entrancing” Michael Rosenstein, Point of Departure

Youtube extract 1

Youtube extract 2

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at90   Klaus Filip & Leonel Kaplan

        ‘tocando fondo’

Two extended improvisations for trumpet and sinewaves.

“As with all great improvised music, tocando fondo is a conversation rather than a duel”  Joseph Burnett, Dusted

Youtube extract

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at89  Joseph Kudirka - Beauty and Industry

Chamber works played by Apartment House

“Another Timbre has shone the spotlight on a remarkable composer, one who will be worthy of attention for decades” John Eyles, All About Jazz

Youtube extract 1

Youtube extract 2

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