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at178x4    John Cage - Number Pieces 4-CD box set

Apartment House realise all of John Cage’s number pieces for mid-size ensembles.

Disc One:   Five  •  Five2  •  Five5  •  Fourteen  •  Five3

Disc Two:   Five  •  Seven  •  Seven2

Disc Three: Five  •  Five4  •  Thirteen  •  Six  •  Ten

Disc Four:   Five  •  Eight  •  Four5

Youtube extracts:      Seven2     Eight     Thirteen       

You can read the booklet that accompanies the box set, with notes about all the pieces here     

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£32 (+£3 postage worldwide)

disc one

1 Five (1988)   5’

Bridget Carey (viola)   Mark Knoop (accordion)   James Opstad (double bass)  

Joe Qiu (bassoon)   Heather Roche (bass clarinet)     

2     Five2 (1991)   5’

Raymond Brien (clarinet)   Peter Furniss (bass clarinet)   Simon Limbrick (timpani)

Christopher Redgate (cor anglais)    Heather Roche (clarinet)

3   Five5 (1991)   5’   

Raymond Brien (clarinet)   Peter Furniss (bass clarinet)

Simon Limbrick (percussion)   Heather Roche (clarinet)   Nancy Ruffer (flute)

4  Fourteen  (1990)  20’

Chloe Abbott (trumpet)   Mira Benjamin (violin)   George Barton (percussion)   

Raymond Brien (bass clarinet)   Bridget Carey (viola)   Mark Knoop (bowed piano)   

Simon Limbrick (percussion)   Anton Lukoszevieze (cello)   Chihiro Ono (violin)   

James Opstad (double bass)   Heather Roche (clarinet)    

Nancy Ruffer (flute & bass flute)   Laetitia Stott (horn)

5   Five3  (1991)  40’

Bridget Carey (viola)   Anton Lukoszevieze (cello)   Gordon Mackay (violin)   

Chihiro Ono (violin)   Barrie Webb (trombone)   

disc two

1   Five (1988)   5’

Mira Benjamin (violin)   Bridget Carey (viola)   Mark Knoop (accordion)   

James Opstad (double bass)   Heather Roche (bass clarinet)

2  Seven (1988)   20’

Mira Benjamin (violin)   Bridget Carey (viola)    

Simon Limbrick (percussion)   Anton Lukoszevieze (cello)   

Siwan Rhys (piano)   Heather Roche (clarinet)  

Nancy Ruffer (flute)    

 3   Seven2 (1990)   52’   

George Barton (percussion)   Simon Limbrick (percussion)   

Anton Lukoszevieze (cello)   James Opstad (double bass)   

Heather Roche (bass clarinet)   Nancy Ruffer (bass flute)   

Barrie Webb (bass trombone)

disc three

1   Five (1988)   5’

Mira Benjamin (violin)   Bridget Carey (viola)   James Opstad (double bass)   

Joe Qiu (bassoon)   Heather Roche (bass clarinet)

                            2   Five4 (1991)   5’   

George Barton & Simon Limbrick (percussion)   Heather Roche (clarinets)

        3   Thirteen (1992)   30’

Chloe Abbott (trumpet)   George Barton (xylophone)   Mira Benjamin (violin)   

Stuart Beard (tuba)   Bridget Carey (viola)    Simon Limbrick (xylophone)   

Anton Lukoszevieze (cello)   Chihiro Ono (violin)    Joe Qiu (bassoon)   

Christopher Redgate (oboe)    Heather Roche (clarinet)   

Nancy Ruffer (flute)   Barrie Webb (trombone)


                                      4   Six (1991)   3’

George Barton & Simon Limbrick (percussion)

5   Ten (1991)   30’

Mira Benjamin (violin)    Bridget Carey (viola)   Mark Knoop (piano)   

Simon Limbrick (percussion)    Anton Lukoszevieze (cello)    

Chihiro Ono (violin)    Christopher Redgate (oboe)   Heather Roche (clarinet)

Nancy Ruffer (flute)    Barrie Webb (trombone)

disc four

1   Five (1988)   5’

Raymond Brien (clarinet)   Pete Furniss (bass clarinet)

Joe Qiu (bassoon)    Christopher Redgate (oboe)   Heather Roche (clarinet)

2   Eight (1991)   60’

Chloe Abbott (trumpet)   Stuart Beard (tuba)   Joe Qiu (bassoon)   

Christopher Redgate (oboe)   Heather Roche (clarinet)   Nancy Ruffer (flute)   

Letitia Stott (horn)   Barrie Webb (trombone)

3 Four5 (1991)   12’   

Raymond Brien (clarinet)   Pete Furniss (bass clarinet)    

Joe Qiu (bassoon)   Heather Roche (clarinet)