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Musician interviews & texts:

 pascal battus & eric la casa  (spring 2012)

 tim blechmann (winter 2011)

 kyle bruckmann & ernst karel (winter 2008)

 chris burn  (winter 2009)

 barry chabala  (spring 2012)

 osvaldo coluccino (winter 2011) and spring 2013

 stephen cornford & samuel rodgers  (autumn 2009) and spring 2013

 anders dahl  (summer 2013)

 hugh davies  (spring 2008)

 ferran fages  (spring 2013)

 patrick farmer  (winter 2009)

 jez riley french   (summer 2011)

 bertrand gauguet  (spring 2011)  

 magnus granberg  (winter 2011)

 sarah hughes   (summer 2011)

 jonas kocher   (spring 2011)

 catherine lamb  (sping 2012)

 dominic lash   (summer 2011)

 sebastian lexer & seymour wright  (autumn 2008)

 magda mayas  (winter 2011)

 alfredo costa monteiro (winter 2008)

 tisha mukarji (spring 2012)

 anett nemeth   (summer 2011)

 vanessa rossetto  (spring 2013)

 bechir saade  (winter 2007/8)

 james saunders   (summer 2011)

 christoph schiller (spring 2012) and summer 2013

 sam sfirri  (autumn 2012)

 stefan thut  (summer 2013)

 birgit ulher  (spring 2011)

 paul vogel  (spring 2013)

 manfred werder  (spring 2013)

 wandelweiser und so weiter roundtable discussion  (autumn 2012)

 ingar zach  (spring 2008)



Articles on Another Timbre:   

Michele Palozzo in Spazio Concept  October 2017

Julian Cowley in Musicworks  September 2017

Roger Batty in Musique Machine  July 2017

Abi Bliss in Sounds Like Now  June 2017

Adrian Democ in Hudobny Zivot May 2017

Paul Kilbey in Music and Literature June 2015

Interview with Seth Cooke on Bang the Bore website  April 2011

Petr Slabý in Uni magazine December 2009

Andreas Fehlinger in Freistil magazine September 2009

John Eyles in All About Jazz May 2008