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Submissions policy

We are happy to receive submissions, but please be aware of the following:

1) we receive lots of submissions and can only take on a very small number for release

2) we will try to listen to everything submitted, but your music is much more likely to receive proper attention if sent as a CDR rather than as an audio file or link. We receive so many audio files that unfortunately they often get lost or forgotten. Anything submitted on CDR will be listened to and acknowledged (which doesn’t always happen with files).

CDRs should be sent to:

Another Timbre, 70 High Storrs Road, Sheffield, S11 7LE, UK

3) selection of material for release is inevitably a subjective process. Everyone has their own likes, dislikes and prejudices, and Another Timbre’s releases closely follow the evolution of my own personal tastes. Please get a sense of the kind of things I am likely to be interested in by listening to the youtube extracts from releases from the last year or two before submitting your music.  

4) we release music on CD and CDR, but are not interested in releasing music on vinyl or cassette

Simon Reynell