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Downloads of all Another Timbre CDs are available from Bandcamp here

New Releases, July 2022 - The Apartment House batch

Five composer portrait CDs, all played by the truly exceptional Apartment House. You can read a piece about the ensemble written by its founder Anton Lukoszevieze here “Another wonderful batch of releases”, says a critic who has heard the discs already.

As usual, you can get all 5 new CDs for the price of 4 - and in addition we are offering all of Apartment House’s many previous releases at reduced prices for one month only - see below.

Discs which are selling out

We are running low on CD copies of several of our releases.  There are five or fewer copies left of the CDs below (click on the covers for more details):

OliverLeith d'Angiolini - Antifona

    Oliver Leith

‘good day bad day’

Giuliano d’Angiolini


And fewer than 10 copies remaining of the CDs below:

Iteration Capece Awareness about granberg how deep Ryoko Akama Kieslowski

          Ryoko Akama

         ‘Dial 45-21-95’

  Lucio Capece

‘awareness about’

Capece / Dafeldecker         ‘Iteration’       

Magnus Granberg    ‘How Deep…?’

Adrian Democ

Adrian Demoç       ‘Ziadba’              


        EKG      ‘Electricals’              

Andrew McIntosh

Andrew McIntosh

‘A Moonbeam…’

Iddon Sapindales

Martin Iddon


Kory Reeder John Lely Meander Allison Cameron Tim Parkinson Cage Hymnkus

at194   Kory Reeder   ‘Codex Vivere’

A beautiful 72-minute piece, specially written for Apartment House by the young and highly-regarded Texas-based composer. Just listen to the extract.

Youtube extract

at195   John Lely   ‘Meander Selection’

A wonderful collection of recent chamber & piano works by the Norwich-based composer John Lely, whose music Apartment House have been playing for twenty years.  Four string quartets, two solo piano works, and one miniature for electronics played by the composer.

Youtube extract

at196  Allison Cameron ‘Somatic Refrain’

Allison Cameron is another of Canada’s extraordinary generation of determinedly individual composers. Four very varied and unusual chamber works, three played by Apartment House and one by the Allison Cameron Band.

Youtube extract 1 (Apartment House)

Youtube extract 2  (The Allison Cameron Band)

at197    Tim Parkinson  ‘an album’

Long overdue release of chamber music by the London-based experimental composer Tim Parkinson. One piece for solo violin, two duos for violin & piano (wonderfully played by Mira Benjamin & Siwan Rhys), a quintet and a septet.

Youtube extract 1  (violin & piano)

Youtube extract 2  (solo violin)

at198    John Cage ‘Hymkus’

Three relatively late works: ‘Two’, the first of the number pieces, for flute and piano

‘Thoreau Drawings’, a rarely performed piece from the 70’s for ensemble and field recording

‘Hymnkus’, a 30-minute piece from the year before Cage embarked on the number pieces - in a realisation for sextet.

Youtube extract 1  (Hymnkus)

Youtube extract 2  (Two)

5 CD’s for the price of 4 offer:  £39 including shipping worldwide

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Special Offer: Apartment House CDs at sale prices

All our previous releases by the frankly brilliant Apartment House are on sale at reduced prices for one month - until 12th August.

Single CDs £6,  double albums £10,  the Cage Number Pieces box set £22

Click on the title of each CD in the list below for more information.

at74x2  Laurence Crane ‘Chamber Works 1992 - 2009’    

at80  John Lely ‘The Harmonics of Real Strings’   (limited numbers available)

at88  James Saunders ‘assigned #15’    

at89  Joseph Kudirka ‘Beauty and Industry’     

at91  Jürg Frey ‘Circles and Landscapes’  

at97  Linda Catlin Smith ‘Dirt Road’

at105x2  Linda Catlin Smith ‘Drifter’ (with Quatuor Bozzini)

at108 Chiyoko Szlavnics ‘During a Lifetime’ (with Konus Quartett)

at126  Cassandra Miller ‘O Zomer!’ (with BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra)

at127  Alex Jang ‘momentary encounters’

at130  Linda Catlin Smith ‘Wanderer’

at137  Julius Eastman ‘Femenine’

at139  James Weeks ‘windfell’  

at143  Olivier Messiaen ‘Quatuor pour la fin du temps’

        + Linda Catlin Smith ‘Among the Tarnished Stars’

at146  Ryoko Akama ‘Dial 45-25-95’   (nearly sold out)

at147  Adriàn Demoč ‘Ziadba’    (nearly sold out)

at150  Luiz Henrique Yudo ‘Chamber Works’    (limited numbers available)

at164  Maya Verlaak ‘All English Music is Greensleeves’   (limited numbers available)

at166  Martin Arnold ‘Stain Ballads’

at168  Antoine Beuger ‘jankélévitch sextets’

at169  Adriàn Demoč ‘Hlaholika’

at172  Jim O’Rourke ‘Best that you do this for me’

at176  Linda Catlin Smith ‘Ballad’

at178x4  John Cage ‘Number Pieces’ 4-disc box set

at180  Ryoko Akama ‘songs for a shed’

at181  Georgia Rodgers ‘September’    (limited numbers available)

at182  Morton Feldman ‘Piano and String Quartet’

at185  Mark Ellestad ‘Discreet Angel’   (with Cristian Alvear)

And don’t forget to read Anton Lukoszevieze talking about the history and underlying aesthetic of Apartment House here

And fewer than 20 CD copies left of the following releases:

Apartment House residency at Cafe Oto

Apartment House have a 3-day residency at London’s Cafe Oto from Monday 5th to Wednesday 7th September, where they’ll be playing pieces from their 5 new Another Timbre CDs, as well as exploring a lot of other strange and surprising stuff - including Pauline Oliveros, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Terry Riley, Georgia Rodgers, Ryoko Akama and a couple of composers who you probably haven’t not heard of.  

Click the dates below for details of each evening’s programme + tickets:

Monday 5th September - Cage & others

Tuesday 6th September - Stockhausen re-imagined

Wednesday 7th September - Sixties Night


at193  John Tilbury plays Terry Riley

Archive recordings from 30+ years ago of John Tilbury playing Terry Riley’s two ‘Keyboard Studies’ and ‘Dorian Reeds’. Essential.

Youtube extract

Terry Riley PayPal: Add Terry Riley Keyboard Studies to cart Clark Ceccarelli Landmarks

at192  Katelyn Clark & Isaiah Ceccarelli

Eight collaborative tracks for organ and percussion by the Canadian duo, who have worked together for over a decade, and here produce a unique music that could be described as quietly monumental.

Youtube extract

PayPal: Add Clark Ceccarelli Landmarks to cart Chang GoGwilt

at191  Johnny Chang & Keir GoGwilt

‘hope lies fallow’ contains six pieces developed by Johnny and Keir from music by Hildegard van Bingen and Orlando de Lassus. Stunningly beautiful.   

Three violin duets, + three tracks for violins and the voice of Celeste Oram.

Youtube extract

PayPal: Add Chang GoGwilt hope lies fallow to cart Klaus Lang Tehran Dust

at190   Klaus Lang - ‘Tehran Dust’

Three chamber pieces by Austrian composer Klaus Lang, plus two arrangements by Klaus of early music by Johannes Ockeghem and Pierre de la Rue.

Beautifully played by Trio Amos & Klaus Lang

Youtube extract

PayPal: Add Klaus Lang Tehran Dust to cart Stiebler Kanitz

at189  ‘The Pankow-Park Sessions’ Ernstalbrecht Stiebler & Tilman Kanitz

In his mid-80’s veteran composer Ernstalbrecht Stiebler started improvising, with fellow-Berliner Tilman Kanitz.  The results are totally unexpected. Six extraordinary duos for piano and cello.

Youtube extract

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Other recent releases

Granberg How Lonely

at188   Magnus Granberg

     ‘How Lonely Sits the City?’

Another superlative, haunting work by Magnus  Granberg and his group Skogen. Recorded during the Covid pandemic, its mood of strange, fragile melancholy fittingly reflects that disconcerting year.

Youtube extract

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at187  Eva-Maria Houben

          ‘together on the way’

Houben joins forces with the GBSR duo (Siwan Rhys and George Barton) to produce a brooding and compelling piece for pipe organ, piano and percussion. A successful and highly acclaimed release.

Youtube extract

gabriel paiuk

at186 Gabriel Paiuk  ‘Adjacent Sound’

Paiuk writes music that creates its own uncanny soundworld. The title of the first piece, ‘The Construction of an Imaginary Acoustic Space’, speaks to the concerns of a distinctive, individual voice in new music.

Youtube extract 1   

Youtube extract 2

PayPal: Add Gabriel Paiuk to cart mark ellestad

at185   Mark Ellestad  ‘Discreet Angel’

The re-discovery of a Canadian composer who stopped writing music in the mid-90’s. Three pieces of unique and beautiful music, with interpretations by Apartment House, Cristian Alvear, and the composer himself.

Youtube extract 1   

Youtube extract 2

PayPal: Add Mark Ellestad to cart kunshu shim

at184    Kunsu Shim   ‘LUFT.INNERES’

Kunsu Shim’s shimmering, whispering music has quietly built up a devoted following. ‘LUFT.INNERES’ contains four chamber works for strings, wonderfully played by the Luna Quartet, along with 6 short pieces written for Kunsu by composer friends.

Youtube extract

PayPal: Add Kunsu Shim to cart Andrew McIntosh

at183  Andrew McIntosh

‘A moonbeam is just a filtered sunbeam’

Great, haunting extended solo piece by the California-based composer / instrumentalist Andrew McIntosh, featurng field recordings with violin, viola, piano and other sounds.

Youtube extract

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Morton Feldman Piano box set

Morton Feldman Piano

at144x5    Morton Feldman Piano

Our best-selling release ever, the beautiful 5-CD box set of Morton Feldman’s music for solo piano.

Pianist Philip Thomas creates wonderful interpretations that have received an overwhelming critical response.

Youtube extracts: Triadic Memories     

                        Intermission 5                          Extensions 3        

                     Music for the Lipton film

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£33 + £3 postage worldwide

Sold Out

Georgia Rodgers

Georgia Rodgers