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New CD releases May 2018


We offer downloads of all our CDs as either lossless flac, or mp3-320 files.

If you want downloads, please email info(at) and we will send you the music.

Files cost £6 per disc, or £11 for a double CD.

Sugimoto'h' Early to Late bruno duplant Clara de Asis

at119       Clara de Asís  -  ‘Do Nothing’

Six solo works for guitar and percussion performed and played by Clara de Asís.

“Transparent, often languid and occasionally

harrowing music”  Marc Medwin

“A delight” Brian Olewnick

youtube extract

at122        Taku Sugimoto  -    ‘h’

An extended composition for two guitars, exquisitely played by Taku Sugimoto & Cristián Alvear, captured in concert at Ftarri in Tokyo in November 2017.

A work of extraordinary beauty.

“Very special”  Brian Olewnick

youtube extract

at121    Early to Late

Jürg Frey  ‘Late Silence’

Magnus Granberg ‘How Vain….’

Ensemble Grizzana play new works premiered at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in November 2017.

“So subtly restrained and beautiful”  John Eyles

“Truly a spellbinding work”  Roger Batty

youtube extract Magnus Granberg

youtube extract Jurg Frey

at120x2      Bruno Duplant  

         ‘Chamber and Field Works 2015-2017’  

Disc One: Three ensemble works played by the Suidobashi Chamber Ensemble

youtube extract

Disc Two:  Taku Sugimoto plays ‘lEttEr to tAku’ for solo guitar, recorded in a Tokyo park

youtube extract

Frey Gustave Roud

at115x2  Jürg Frey -

‘Collection Gustave Roud’

A double CD of pieces based on the work of the Swiss poet Gustave Roud.

“Long, slow walks through musical landscapes in which familiar objects take on wholly new identities.”  The Guardian

youtube extract

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at116     Olivia Block

new solo work for piano and organ

“Marvellous recording from Olivia Block - spare, resonant, crystalline, beautifully constructed. My favourite solo work from her”      Brian Olewnick

CD copies SOLD OUT

Downloads can be ordered

Email info(at)anothertimbre(dot)com

youtube extract


at117     Insub Meta Orchestra

The Swiss-based thirty-two piece experimental ensemble perform two works by d’incise and Cyril Bondi.

“Utterly compelling”  The Wire

youtube extract

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at118     John Cage - ‘Winter Music’

Version for four pianos, played by John Tilbury, Philip Thomas, Catherine Laws and Mark Knoop

“Resonance that glows while bringing tension and suspense to each pause”  The Wire

youtube extract

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Recent CD Releases

Feldman piano music

In 2019 we are planning to release new recordings of a lot of Morton Feldman’s piano music. To get in the mood, try our Anonymous Zone Feldman challenge.

Listen to six pianists play the same extract from ‘For Bunita Marcus’ and see which version you prefer. You can also try to match the pianist with the extract.

Go here

PayPal: Add Cage Winter Music to cart Another Timbre Canadian Composers Series

As well as the launch concert at Cafe Oto, August will see the release of the second batch of CDs in the Canadian Composers Series

This highly-acclaimed series was launched in 2017 with five discs by Linda Catlin Smith, Martin Arnold, Isaiah Ceccarelli, Marc Sabat and Chiyoko Szlavnics.

“Another Timbre really has outdone itself with this outstandingly impressive collection of discs.”  5:4

“The release of this Canadian series will undoubtedly come to be viewed as a landmark event.” John Eyles


at123   ‘tse’

Compelling music from a new trio of

Cyril Bondi (harmonium),

Pierre-Yves Martel (viola da gamba)

& Christoph Schiller (spinet)

Improvised, but on the basis of a pre-agreed sequence of pitches, allowing the musicians to explore melody in a way that is rare within improvisation.

Youtube extract

cage two2

at124x2  John Cage - Two2

A new recording of one of Cage’s least known number pieces. Philip Thomas and Mark Knoop’s realisation stretches this piece for two pianos to over two hours in length, finding new and unexpected resonances.

“An amazing, revelatory performance…..

A major achievement.”  Brian Olewnick

Youtube extract

Granberg schwindelt

at125  Magnus Granberg

‘Es schwindelt mir, es brennt mein Eingeweide’

An exquisite hour-long ensemble piece played by Magnus Granberg (piano)

Anna Lindal (baroque violin)

d’incise (vibraphone & electronics)

Cyril Bondi (percussion)

Anna-Kaisa Meklin (viola da gamba)

& Christoph Schiller (spinet)

Youtube extract

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Upcoming Concerts

Don’t miss the final concert in ever excellent Music We’d Like To Hear series in London. The Apartment House string quartet play works by Martin Arnold, Maya Verlaak, Johanna Beyer and Georgia Roberts.

Friday 17th July at St Mary at Hill, Lovat Lane, EC3R 8EE

For more details, click on the image below

Upcoming CD releases

For more information on the series, go here

at126  Cassandra Miller - ‘O Zomer!’

Two solo works, and two pieces for ensemble

‘O Zomer!’  Apartment House

‘Philip the Wanderer’  Philip Thomas

‘For Mira’  Mira Benjamin

‘Duet for Cello and Orchestra’  Charles Curtis

& BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

Extract (Duet for Cello and Orchestra)

at127 Alex Jang

         ‘momentary encounters’

Four pieces, two solos and two for small ensemble, played by Apartment House

‘momentary encounters 5’  Heather Roche

‘any three players’

‘a gray bent interior horizon’  Cristian Alvear

‘distributed tourism’

Extract (distributed tourism)

at128 Lance Austin Olsen ‘Dark Heart’

Sonic collaborations, using graphic scores, instruments,  field recordings and found audio. With a range of musicians including Terje Paulsen, Gil Sanson, Ryoko Akama, Isaiah Ceccarelli, Katelyn Clark, Mira Benjamin, John Lely and Anton Lukoszevieze

‘Theseus’ Breath’ (2 realisations)

‘Dark Heart’

‘A Meditation on the History of Painting’

Extract (‘A Meditation…’)

at129  Cassandra Miller - ‘Just So’

Quatuor Bozzini play Cassandra’s string quartets, including ‘About Bach’, ‘Just So’ and ‘Warblework’

Extract  (About Bach)

at130  Linda Catlin Smith - ‘Wanderer’

Apartment House perform 8 ensemble works: ‘Wanderer’, ‘Morning Glory’, ‘Stare at the River’, ‘Light and Water’, ‘Knotted Silk’, ’Music for John Cage’, ‘Sarabande’ and ‘Velvet’

Extract 1 (‘Light and Water’)

Extract 2 (‘Stare at the River’)

Monday 13th August - Cafe Oto concert launching Another Timbre’s second batch of Canadian Composer CDs. Apartment House play works by Linda Catlin Smith, Cassandra Miller, Alex Jang and Lance Austin Olsen

Tickets and more details here

We’re also involved in two Cafe Oto concerts in October + a Music We’d Like To Hear special in December. More details soon.