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mark ellestad


This page contains all CD releases from at101 to the present.

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Evan Johnson Iddon Naiads Bryn Harrison_Coiled Form Frey Borderland Melodies Crane Natural World Granberg Evening Star Democ Neha Pauline Oliveros lonsdale Baldini Vesperi Voutchkova Davachi

at210   Laurence Crane          at209   Magnus Granberg         at208  Adrián Demoč                at207   Pauline Oliveros             at206    Eden Lonsdale

      ‘Natural World’                    ‘Evening Star, Vesper Bell’                  ‘Neha’                                 ‘Sound Pieces’                    ‘Clear and Hazy Moons’

Juliet Fraser & Mark Knoop              Apartment House                                                                    Apartment House                     Apartment House

at200    Jürg Frey                      at199   Evan Johnson             at198   John Cage                      at197   Tim Parkinson               at196   Allison Cameron       ‘Borderland Melodies’                     ‘L’art de toucher’          ‘Two | Thoreau Drawings| Hymnkus’           ‘an album’                            ‘Somatic Refrain’          Apartment House                                                                   Apartment House                          Apartment House                    Apartment House

at205   Marco Baldini               at204 ‘Slow Poem for Stiebler’    at203x2   Frank Denyer            at202   Martin Iddon                 at201     Bryn Harrison

           ‘Vespers’                             Sarah Davachi &                             ‘Melodies’                              ‘Naiads’                                  ‘A Coiled Form’

                                                  Biliana Voutchkova                      Scordatura Ensemble                Apartment House                          Sarah Saviet

Denyer Melodies Cage Hymnkus Tim Parkinson Allison Cameron John Lely Meander Kory Reeder Terry Riley Clark Ceccarelli Landmarks Chang GoGwilt

 at195    John Lely                    at194    KoryReeder                   at193  Terry Rley                         at192  Katelyn Clark &              at191   Johnny Chang &         ‘Meander Selection’                      ‘Codex Vivere’                       ‘Keyboard Studies’                        Isaiah Ceccarelli                       Keir GoGwilt

       Apartment House                         Apartment House                     John Tilbury                                  ‘Landmarks’                            ‘hope lies fallow’

Klaus Lang Tehran Dust Stiebler Kanitz Granberg How Lonely eva-maria houben gabriel paiuk kunshu shim

  at190   Klaus Lang                   at189   Ernstalbrecht Stiebler &   at188  Magnus Granberg             at187   Eva-Maria Houben           at186   Gabriel Paiuk  

             ‘Tehran Dust’                                    Tilman Kanitz                    ‘How Lonely Sits the City’                ‘together on the way’                   ‘Adjacent Sound’  

               Trio Amos                            ‘Pankow Park Sessions’                       Skogen                                            GBSR Duo


Andrew McIntosh Feldman PSQ Georgia Rodgers

at185   Mark Ellestad                   at184    Kunsu Shim                 at183   Andrew McIntosh          at182   Morton Feldman           at181   Georgia Rodgers          ‘Discreet Angel’                           ‘LUFT INNERES’                           ‘A Moonbeam is just                   ‘Piano and String Quartet’                          ‘September’

                                                       Luna String Quartet                      a filtered Sunbeam’                    Apartment House                               Apartment House                        Apartment House                          Heather Roche

Ryoko shed songs Iddon Sapindales Cage Number Pieces Barbara Monk Feldman Linda Smith Ballad Oliver Leith Hollywood

at180     Ryoko Akama               at179    Martin Iddon                  at178x4   John Cage                  at177  Barbara Monk Feldman   at176  Linda Catlin Smith

         ‘songs for a shed’                           ‘Sapindales’                        ‘Number Pieces’ box set                      Verses                                      Ballad

          Apartment House                                                                    Apartment House                            GBSR Duo                          Apartment House

James Weeks Summer Cat Lamb - Muto Jim O'Rourke Josten Myburgh

at175     Oliver Leith                 at174    James Weeks               at173   Catherine Lamb              at172    Jim O’Rourke               at171   Josten Myburgh

       ‘Me Hollywood’                                  ‘Summer’                              Muto Infinitas                       Best that you do this….            Sculthorpe Studies   

     Explore Ensemble                       Explore Ensemble                   Rebecca Lane + Jon Heilbron            Apartment House                                                              

Michael Winter Democ-Hlaholika Beuger sextets Newton Armstrong Arnold Stain ballads

at170     Michael Winter              at169     Adrián Demoč               at168   Antoine Beuger                at167   Newton Armstrong         at166   Martin Arnold

              single track                                   Hlaholika                           jankélévitch sextets                    The way to go out                      Stain Ballads                 Liminar                                Apartment House                       Apartment House                   Plus Minus Ensemble                     Apartment House

Judith Hamann Maya Verlaak EventlessPlot Iteration OliverLeith

at163   Eventless Plot

         ‘Parallel Words’

at162   ‘Iteration’

  Capece / Dafeldecker

at161   Oliver Leith

    ‘good day bad day’

Kraig Grady ClaraDeAsisMaraWinter hyazo d'Angiolini - Antifona Granberg - Let Pass

at158   ‘hyazo’

Bondi / Martel / Schiller

at157   ‘Antifona’

    Giuliano d’Angiolini

at156   Magnus Granberg

‘Let Pass My Weary Ghost’

at160   Kraig Grady

‘Monument of Diamonds’

at159   Clara de Asís

Repetition of the same dream

Stiebler Fur Biliana unfurling

at155  ‘Für Biliana’

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler

at154   ‘unfurling’

Davies  Lang  Lukoszevieze

Cabado / Schiller Falzone / Evans-Weiler Ricercar nell'ombra

at153  Tomas Cabado &

        Christoph Schiller

at152x2  JPA Falzone &

    Morgan Evans-Weiler

at151 Emmanuel Holterbach

      Ricercar nell’ombra

Yudo Frank Denyer Fish

at150  Luiz Henrique Yudo

      Chamber Works

at149  Frank Denyer

The Fish that became the Sun

Denyer Boundaries Adrian Democ Ryoko Akama Kieslowski

at148  Frank Denyer

  Boundaries of Intimacy

at147  Adrian Democ


at146   Ryoko Akama

         Dial 45-21-95

Heilbron Puma Court Morton Feldman Piano Messiaen Catlin Smith Lamb PointWave Pozzer

at145  Jon Heilbron

          Puma Court

at144x5  Morton Feldman


            Philip Thomas

at143  Olivier Messiaen

   & Linda Catlin Smith

        Apartment House

at142   Catherine Lamb


        Cristián Alvear

at141   Federico Pozzer


awire windfell Skogen, Nun Femenine Dethick

at140   ‘awirë’


at139   James Weeks


          Mira Benjamin

at138 Magnus Granberg

‘Nun, es wird nicht weit…’


at137  Julius Eastman


      Apartment House

at136    Dethick

Davies / Nakajima / Purton


at134   ‘lines and tracings’

       Morgan Evans-Weiler

            & Michael Pisaro

lines and tracings

at135  ‘Beissel’

Klaus Lang & Golden Fur

Mark R Taylor Fages Un lloc Viola Torros

at133     Mark R Taylor


         Teodora Stepančić

at132     Ferran Fages

‘Un lloc entre dos records’

at131x2     Viola Torros

Catherine Lamb & Johnny Chang

Wanderer Miller Just So Lance Austin Olsen Alex Jang O Zomer

at130 Linda Catlin Smith


         Apartment House

at129   Cassandra Miller

               ‘Just So’

         Quatuor Bozzini

at128 Lance Austin Olsen

          ‘Dark Heart’

at127    Alex Jang

 ‘momentary encounters’

       Apartment House

at126  Cassandra Miller

           ‘O Zomer!’

Granberg schwindelt cage two2

at125  Magnus Granberg

         ‘Es schwindelt mir’ mir….’

at124x2    John Cage


tse giuliano d'angiolini  cantilena Dante Boon - clarinet (and piano) Jurg Frey

at123        Tse

 Schiller / Martel / Bondi

at122   Taku Sugimoto -’h’

 Taku Sugimoto & Cristian Alvear

at121       ‘Early to Late’

Jurg Frey & Magnus Granberg

John Tilbury Dirar Kalash John Lely Christian Wolff 'Seaside' Ffansion / Fancies  Angharad Davies  Tisha Mukarji

at120x2     Bruno Duplant

‘Chamber and Field Works’

at119     Clara de Asis

  Do Nothing

Cage Winter Music Linda catlin Smith  Dirt Road Bryn Harrison Receiving the Approaching Memory

at118   John Cage

‘Winter Music’

at117 Insub Meta Orchestra

‘13 & 27’

at116   Olivia Block

Marek Poliks  hull treader Jurg Frey guitarist alone  Cristian Alvear Lucio Capece  Awareness About Goldsmiths John Tilbury John Lely Angharad Davies Rhodri Davies Melaine Dalibert

at115x2      Jurg Frey

‘Collection Gustave Roud’

at114     Antoine Beuger

Ockeghem Octets

at113    Morton Feldman

Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello

at112     ‘spinet & violin’

Christoph Schiller &

Morgan Evans-Weiler

at111 Melaine Dalibert


Ryoko Akama - places and pages Sabat Harmony During a Lifetime Bow Spit Veleta Drifter Resonators - Irene Kepl, Petr Vrba, George Cremaschi d'incise  appalachian anatolia  cristian alvear d'Angiolini clarinet and piano

at101   Dante Boon

‘clarinet (and piano)’

Jürg Frey, clarinet

at102 Giuliano d’Angiolini


at103           d’incise

‘Appalachian Anatolia’

Cristian Alvear, guitar

at104     Resonators

   Kepl, Cremaschi, Vrba

at105x2 Linda Catlin Smith


Apartment House &

Quatuor Bozzini

at109       Marc Sabat

‘Harmony’  The Jack Quartet

at110x2    Ryoko Akama

’places and pages’

at106  Martin Arnold

‘The Spit Veleta’

at107  Isaiah Ceccarelli


at108   Chiyoko Szlavnics

‘During a Lifetime’

 at165   Judith Hamann         at164    Maya Verlaak

           ‘days collapse’         All English Music is Greensleeves

                                              Apartment House