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Lance Austin Olsen Canadian Composers Series

Canadian Composer Concerts at Cafe Oto

Lance Austin Olsen: Transfiguration Triptych

Two and a half concerts of music by composers in the Canadian Composers Series

plus half a concert of music by Jürg Frey

Wednesday 3rd to Friday 5th May at Cafe Oto  18-22 Ashwin St, Dalston, London E8 3DL  

Concert #1   8pm  Wednesday 3rd May

Linda Catlin Smith - ‘Dirt Road’                           soundcloud extract

Mira Benjamin (violin)  Simon Limbrick (percussion)


Isaiah Ceccarelli & Katelyn Clark

Pieces for organetto & percussion                                          youtube extract

With kind financial support from the Conseil des arts et des lettres en Quebec

Concert #2   8pm  Thursday 4th May

Chiyoko Szlavnics - ‘During a Lifetime’    

Konus Quartett + sinewaves                                                   soundcloud extract


Jürg Frey - ‘Mémoire, Horizon’

Konus Quartett


Philip Thomas plays piano pieces by Jürg Frey,          youtube extract

Cassandra Miller, Marc Sabat & Linda Catlin Smith      soundcloud extract

With kind financial support from the City and Canton of Bern

Concert #3   8pm   Friday 5th May

Apartment House play string trios, duos and solos by

Marc Sabat, Martin Arnold & Linda Catlin Smith

Including the premiere of a solo cello piece by Martin Arnold,

‘Jean Philippe Rameau’ by Marc Sabat,                          youtube extract

‘Ricercar’ and ‘Galanthus’ by Linda Catlin Smith,

‘Slip Minuet’ by Martin Arnold                                       youtube extract

‘Gioseffo Zarlino’ & ‘Claudius Ptolemy’ by Marc Sabat        youtube extract

With kind financial support from the Socan Foundation, Canada

Tickets:    £10 per concert on door, £8 in advance

              3-day pass £21 (advance only)

Advance tickets for individual concerts can be bought directly from the Cafe Oto webpage


Advance 3-day passes can be bought directly here:    Advance 3-day pass £21:

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