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AZ #13

Pascal Battus   Untitled improvisation

Pascal Battus  electronics

duration: 16:46

Recorded in Paris in late 2008

                                                                                          Photo: Asier Gogortza

Sound artist, improviser, composer, Pascal Battus has developed a practice which is more concerned with sonic gestures, listening and the situation which determines them rather than with any particular instrument.  Among other sound sources, he uses guitar pick-ups, rotating surfaces, ‘environmental guitar’ (table-top electric guitar with contact microphone, various objects and electronics), percussion (amplified objects, or not).

His work has been broadcast on radio internationally (France Musique, Resonance FM…)

He has played throughout Europe and in the USA, Canada, Asia, the Middle East, Australia… both solo and more frequently with other musicians.  He often works with dancers and with performers from the plastic arts (video, lighting, sculpture…)  He has published drawings and was co-inventer of Sonic Massages (les Massages Sonores).

His discs have been released by Potlatch, Corpus Hermeticum, Amor Fati, Another Timbre, Cathnor, Organized Music From Thessaloniki, Herbal International…

Untitled improvisation was recorded in the basement of a Paris apartment.  Two small microphones were placed inside an upturned snare drum, and several ebows were used to vibrate the drumskin, which amplified the various vibrations (including certain bass frequencies which came from underground trains which were clearly audible in the basement.)

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