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The Anonymous Zone

Welcome to The Anonymous Zone

For an explanation of how The Zone works, see below on the right.  Below are the five anonymous pieces currently streamed in The Zone.  The pieces have been given temporary titles containing the date on which the identities of the musicians will be revealed.  Click on the title/date to listen.

You can find the first 20 pieces which appeared on The Zone on an Archive Page here, and the seven most recent pieces are on a new Archive Page here

We recommend that you listen to music in The Anonymous Zone either on good quality headphones or through a good audio system rather than on laptop speakers.

The pieces were all mastered separately and at different levels, so you may want to adjust the volume from piece to piece for optimum playback.


The Anonymous Zone is a place where music can be listened to and appreciated for what it really is, not because of who made it. Improvisation and contemporary classical music are as riddled with star systems as any other form of music, and inevitably, in spite of our best intentions, our reaction to a piece of music is partly determined by our knowledge of who is playing or has composed it.  So we give more time and attention to pieces by our favourite musicians, and – conversely – we’re inclined to quickly pass over music by people we either don’t know or assume we don’t much like.


The Anonymous Zone challenges these preconceptions by presenting music without telling you who it’s by.  The pieces in The Zone are streamed here for a period of six months.  After that the identities of the musicians behind the pieces are revealed, so that – if you liked a particular piece – you can then check out other music by them.  After being on The Zone, the pieces will go into a growing archive which you can find here and here

Some of the musicians represented here are well-known ‘stars’, but there are others who you’ve probably never heard of.  We think that all of the music in The Zone is well worth a listen, though you might disagree in some – or in many – cases;  that’s for you to decide.

The first batch of pieces that were streamed on The Zone were moved onto the Archive Page in January 2013, after six months of anonymity.  But more pieces are added to The Zone as time goes on so that there are always some anonymous pieces on this page.

The Anonymous Zone isn’t a game for you to guess who’s playing the music (though you’re welcome to do this if you like); none of the musicians has changed the character of their music in any way, or pretended to be someone else.  The Zone is simply a space where you can listen to their music without prejudice and appreciate it for its own worth.  

anonymous zone


 You’re welcome to comment on the current pieces by emailing


01/08/14#2A   duration  09:35   

01/08/14#2B   duration  08:28   

01/08/14#2C   duration  24:52   

01/08/14#2D   duration  09:36   

01/08/14#2E   duration  08:08   

01/08/14#2F   duration: 09:40   new piece

The most recent pieces on The Zone can be heard on an Archive Page here