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Christoph Schiller Variations 2


Christoph Schiller’s solo CD ‘Variations’ contains a series of 5-minute pieces are linked in a kind of chain or canon structure:   A, A+B, B+C, C+D, D+E, E+F, F+G, G.

‘A’, the first track on the disc, is simply a recording of a 5-minute solo improvisation. On track two that recording is repeated, but a second 5-minute piece (B) is overlaid upon it, giving A+B. On track 3 the second improvisation (B) is in turn repeated, but mixed together with a new 5-minute piece (C), so the third track becomes B+C, and so on. So each 5-minute piece is used twice, once mixed with the piece before it, and once mixed with the piece after it. The final track - G - also appears twice, first overlaid on piece F, but then finally as the solo which concludes the CD.

On Variations 2b instead of starting and ending with solo tracks, it is a chain of duos from start to finish.

For more information about the original ‘Variations’ CD, including Dominic Lash’s interview with Christoph Schiller about the project, see here  And an extract from the disc is on Youtube here

VARIATIONS 2b master.mp3

Variations 2b    

Contributing musicians:  

00.00 - 05.00   Dafne Vicente Sandoval + d’incise

05.00 - 10.00   d’incise + Andrea Neumann

10.00 - 15.00   Andrea Neumann + Eric Ruffing

15.00 - 20.00   Eric Ruffing + Michael Vorfeld

20.00 - 25.00   Michael Vorfeld + Katt Hernandez

25.00 - 30.00   Katt Hernandez + Sebastien Branche

30.00 - 35.00   Sebastien Branche + Jonas Kocher

35.00 - 40.00   Jonas Kocher + Christoph Schiller

40.00 - 45.00   Christoph Schiller + Erik Carlsson

45.00 - 50.00   Erik Carlsson + Magnus Granberg

50.00 - 55.00   Magnus Granberg + Dafne Vicente Sandoval

Variations 2 with thanks to Christoph Schiller

Variations 2 was a project based on the simple but brilliant structure devised by Christoph Schiller for his solo CD ‘Variations’. That CD contained a series of 5-minute pieces which were repeated and linked together into a kind of chain structure (see Structure below).

For Variations 2 rather than producing a solo, Christoph chose ten musicians who each recorded a 5-minute piece for the project. These pieces were then linked together and overlaid in the chain structure explained below, producing a work which lasts just under 55 minutes, and which you can listen to here: Variations 2b

The piece sounds wonderfully coherent, especially considering that each musician had only heard the piece that immediately precedes their own contribution, and the canonical structure is very clear.  

Warm thanks to all the musicians involved.

Christoph Schiller | Andrea Neumann

Michael Vorfeld | Magnus Granberg

Erik Carlsson  |  d’incise  |  Eric Ruffing  

Sebastien Branche  |  Katt Hernandez

Dafne Vicente Sandoval | Jonas Kocher

Variations 2b